Eclectic Unschooling in Russia 1

Russia is an amazing country. As with every place we have traveled Russia is full of people trying to live their lives as best they can. The people there are kind, even if they don’t smile as readily as Americans do.

The conference was held in two locations: St Petersburg and Moscow. While in each city we were able to do some sight seeing, though not as much as I wanted to.

Park in St Petersburg photo: Nikoah Thornton

While in St Petersburg we had a day to tour the city. We saw the Petrof estate, the Hermitage Museum, along with many cathedrals. We learned about the era when St Petersburg was the capital, and that it was moved due to being so rclose to the coast that it was at risk for invasion from the sea.

Moscow sky line photo: Nikoah Thornton

Next, we flew to Moscow where we had very little time to explore. We saw the skyline, Red Square, and St Basil’s Cathedral. It is a beautiful city full of kind people. As for the food, it too was great. I ate Borscht, sauerkraut with beats added, cottage cheese pancakes, and kefir; it was amazing kefir. Overall, my trip to Russia was fantastic. I hope to return with the family someday.

St Basil’s Cathedral photo: Nikoah Thornton

Stay tuned for what I learned at the conference.

Author: Nikoah Thornton

I am a homeschooling mom with 2 awesome children. We have been homeschooling since 2013 and love it. We use a child centered curriculum often referred to as eclectic schooling.

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